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  • 2023 CEATEC: Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies
    2023 CEATEC: Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies Keypasco joined this show @Toyko, Japan, which is one of Japan’s leading exhibitions that attracts a great deal of attention and aims to realize “Society 5.0.” Welcome to visit us for more Keypasco multi-factor authen tication solutions from 10/17- 10/20![…]
  • 2023 CSW Madrid Tech Show
    2023 CSW 馬德里科技展 Keypasco Europe BV 參加了此次展會,重點關注雲端、網路安全、大數據、人工智慧 (AI)、電子商務和數位行銷等主題。我們展示了針對西歐市場的最佳身份解決方案Keypasco多重身份驗證,以推廣網路安全產品。  […]
  • Keypasco joined the 2023 TAITA-SV
    Keypasco參加2023年TAITA-SV年會,與矽谷台美工業技術協會分享Keypasco多重身分驗證解決方案。 TAITA-SV 致力於促進台灣與美國之間的合作,以創造機會並推動更多創新,特別是在技術領域。[…]
  • Kick-Off Cyber Security Week 2023 in The Hague
    In the morning of 2 October, the Cyber Security Week kicked-off at the HSD Campus in The Hague. International delegations from Canada, Sweden Taiwan, France, Spain, Germany and international journalists joined a special programme introducing them to the Dutch cybersecurity ecosystem. The attendees were welcomed by Marijn Fraanje, Head of the Economic Department of the Hague. Security Delta (HSD) […]
  • Envisioning a Password-Free Europe: Keypasco MFA Announces EU Expansion
    Cybersecurity leader is scaling up its newly established European operations, based in the Dutch Security Delta, to better serve regional clients TAIPEI, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Keypasco, a global pioneer in secure online authentication solutions, is announcing a major expansion of its state-of-the-art Keypasco Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution in Europe. After establishing […]
  • Keypasco strengthens European cybersecurity with new Netherlands office
    Keypasco Europe BV, a subsidiary of software leader Keypasco, has opened its doors in the Netherlands, marking a noteworthy stride in enhancing cybersecurity across Europe. This strategic expansion marks a significant milestone for Keypasco and indicated their dedication to introducing their unique multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution to the Dutch market and beyond. Located at the HSD […]
  • North America * Taiwan Digital Day
    North America * Taiwan Digital Day hold in June 17th -18th, in Los Angeles, USA Institute for Information Industry (III) with Administration for Digital Industries(moda) joins hands with Taiwanese software companies to expand the North American market. Keypasco demos the most efficient MFA solution to all North American business associations to explore the cybersecurity market. #Keypasco #MFA […]
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