Mats Augurell New Senior Advisor for Keypasco

Mats Augurell, CEO of Alektum, takes the role of Senior Advisor for Swedish IT security company Keypasco. Through this, Keypasco will get the support needed to go from innovative newcomer to the obvious choice.

Keypasco has been active since 2010 and has, with their unique patented solution, established themselves as an important player in the market of authentication solutions. In the early years, the focus was on developing and refining the solution for different applications. Today, when the Keypasco Solution is in place, and what started as an idea provides secure authentication for millions of users worldwide, it’s time to focus on growth.

Mats Augurell has been CEO of Alektum Group AB since 2015. He is specialized in strategic advice, business development and has been involved in several growth funds and investment companies. Mats Augurell has over twenty years of experience as CEO and Entrepreneur. He has carried out everything from investments in companies to mergers and acquisitions and has since 1995 been a member of some 70 corporate boards. He has, among other things, been Senior Vice President of the Sixth Swedish National Pension Fund.

Mats Augurell has extensive experience in supporting and leading innovative companies on the journey from small start-up companies to stock market success. With Mats Augurell as Senior Advisor for the upcoming growth phase, Keypasco gets an invaluable benefit from his profound experience and knowledge.

“It is very pleasing that Mats wants to take on this role. It strengthens our confidence even more when such an outstanding and experienced person as Mats so clearly shows that he believes in our product. Mats has a major international contact network, many years of experience in coaching start-up companies during their growth, financing and exit strategy; This is a great asset for Keypasco.”
Keypasco最高経営責任者Maw- Tsong Lin

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