New Patent granted Keypasco in both Taiwan and USA

Keypasco has filed patent applications in all major countries to secure its core software technology, which is the foundation for the Keypasco authentication solution. Keypasco offers a secure multi-factor authentication solution to secure online services. We provide security to Internet Content Providers within Internet banking (eBanking), eCommerce, online gaming, mobile payments, eGovernment, and more.

Taiwan is the first country to grant Keypasco with the Dynamic URL patent, and USA is the second. Mr. Maw-Tsong Lin, CEO Keypasco, and Mr. Per Skygebjerg, COO Keypasco, are the inventors and this is Keypasco’s second approved patent. The first has been approved in Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

The core technology and base of the multi-factor security solution is device authentication and geolocation in a two-channel structure, which mitigates phising, man-in-the-middle, man-in-thebrowser, and more. Dynamic URL is an addition to secure different Content Providers while being flexible and intelligent.

”With this patent the user only needs one app to authenticate to multiple service providers. There could even be multiple ID providers in the background. This is a step further in making our solution very secure and extremely user friendly.”
– Per Skygebjerg

Keypasco has applied for several new patents during the development of the authentication solution. This is a part of Keypasco’s on-going strategy to offer cutting-edge technology that provides constantly updated security to its clients and customers.


About Keypasco
We are at the heart of our rapidly changing digital culture. As with all paradigm shifts, there will be new challenges. Some of the largest challenges with cloud services are security and integrity, crucial factors for success and sustainability. With more than 20 years of individual experience in IT security, Keypasco’s founders are the minds behind some of the revolutionary two factor authentication technology solutions used today. We deliver on society’s expanding needs for personal authentication services, identity protection, and secure tasks. Keypasco’s vision is to be a leading vendor of online secure authentication. For more information, visit, email or contact us at +46-31-102360.

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