Lydsec Introduces Keypasco MFA to Taiwan Government, a Purpose-Built Zero Trust Network

Lydsec Digital Technology Co., Ltd., a leading Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) service provider, announced that its Keypasco MFA solution has obtained the “Government Zero Trust Network Identity Authentication Function” certification issued by Taiwan Government – National Institute of Cyber Security (NICS) in December 2022. This solution has also been adopted by NICS.

With the high demand for remote working, data and services are becoming increasingly cloud-based. Moreover, network hacking technology is more sophisticated with each passing day. The traditional network model based on trust boundaries is difficult to meet the new working model.

NICS explained the government’s three years plan to promote Zero Trust networks. The Zero Trust Architecture focuses on “identity verification,” emphasizing the principle that no data access can be trusted and must be verified. The three core mechanisms of Zero Trust networks will be implemented in stages year by year: identity authentication, device identification, and trust inference, and priority will be given to promoting the gradual introduction of A-level public institutions. The “identity authentication” will become the focus of Zero Trust architecture.

Keypasco has obtained the NICS certificate since it is compliant with the below regulatory requirements:

  • Following the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SP 800-207
  • Conforming to the FIDO Alliance verified FIDO2 server and biometric identification
  • Complying NIST Federation Assurance Level (FAL) protocol
  • Providing a library of signed and encrypted identity statements for the integration with the relying parties

Lydsec Digital Technology has the NICS-certified MFA solution that can help government and institutions protect confidential data by enabling Zero Trust Architecture and following the spirit of Zero Trust network – “verify and keep verifying”.

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