Money Guard Technologies and Keypasco creates cyber security in the GCC region

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Keypasco has now teamed up with the Dubai based company Money Guard Technology to cover the GCC region. Together we can implement the Keypasco technology and enhance Internet security in the region.

Internet security is not a national, but a global problem that needs to be solved. All over the world people are becoming more and more dependent on instant online services and can’t imagine going back to a life without a smartphone. But security solutions are struggling to keep up with developments and the old solutions have often proved to be unreliable. In order to continue the development we have to strengthen the security in a new way, with new authentication methods.

Innovative solution

However, there is a glimmer of light in the otherwise gloomy security sky. The Swedish company Keypasco has come up with a new, simple but clever solution to provide secure authentication. By using the unique device ID on the end-user’s own device, like a smartphone, tablet or a desktop/laptop computer, you can make sure that a username and password only works on the right device and in the right location. Simply, Security By Your Own Device!

Money Guard Technologies

Money Guard Technologies is an IT Company providing cash automation for the financial, retail and public sectors. In today’s high speed, competitive market, establishments with in and out cash processing want to increase profits and save time for their customers.

To be able to provide state of the art security solutions for their customers in the GCC region, Money Guard Technologies have signed a partnership agreement with Keypasco. Keypasco´s new-thinking technology complements Money Guard Technologies offer to their customers and together we can provide great solutions with great security.

“Partnering with Keypasco will result in eliminating the daily worries regarding security of transaction and services through users devices. Banks, Governments, Telecommunication, eCommerce etc. will now be able to secure all online transactions with Keypasco ”the most advanced security software”.” Omar AlOmar, CEO, Money Guard Technologies

To ensure a convenient user experience, Keypascos’ cutting-edge technology is working in the background to maintain the security behind the provider’s ordinary application interface. The core technology of the Keypasco solution, the collecting of device-related data – makes it possible to offer something no one else does – a risk-based authentication solution that is easy to integrate and can be rolled-out in the background to ALL end-users at once, regardless of the number of users.

“Together with Money Guard Technologies we can spread Keypasco’s ground breaking innovative technology to new parts of the world” – Per Skygebjerg, COO, Keypasco

In addition, the Keypasco solution provides a unique risk engine, analysing the device behind every authentication attempt to detect fraudulent behaviour, to further increase the security. Several other features also add to the security. To provide customers with the best security solution for their needs, Keypasco have two service models; the Generic Service Model and the Premium Service Model.

“The Keypascos solution offers you a way to secure ALL of your customers without them even knowing it! With our two service models we can help all types of Internet content providers to enhance their security” – Maw-Tsong Lin, CEO, Keypasco

Service Models for any Internet content provider

The Generic Service Model is an embedded solution, without any end-user interaction that instantly secures 100% of the customers. With the Premium Service Model additional features can be added to maximize the security. This is useful for services that demand an extra high level of security like: Finance, eGovern­ment, Credit card protection, Cardless ATM withdrawal and Mobile payment.

Meet up at RSA® Conference 2017

Keypasco will attend RSA® Conference 2017, February 13-17 at Moscone Center, San Francisco. RSA® Conference is one of worlds largest annual expos dedicated to cyber security and attracts visitors from all over the world. Keypasco can be found at South Expo, Booth #S1944. Don’t hesitate to stop by to talk about secure authentication, secure mobility, and try our demo.

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