Japan grants Keypasco new patents for PKI Sign and Dynamic URL


To secure our core security technology, the foundation for Keypasco’s authentication solution, Keypasco has filed patent applications in all major countries. We are now happy to announce that the patent applications for PKI Sign and Dynamic URL has been granted in Japan.

In total Keypasco holds four different patents that are granted in at least one country, including some of the world’s leading IT-nations such as Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, European Union and the United States.

Keypasco offers a unique and innovative new generation of software-based solution for secure online transactions. The trend is to use the many new innovative personal wearable devices as part of your own security, and Keypasco is at the forefront of this trend and development. The Internet of Things will continue to surround and connect people at home, at work and on the road. This creates new security and privacy challenges that needs innovative thinking to maintain the mobile security we are becoming increasingly dependent on. Our solution offers a convenient and secure service via the end-user’s own device.

Keypasco’s technology can be used for a wide range of applications such as: Authentication (Internet/mobile banking, eCommerce, mobile payment, online gaming, online betting), fraud protection (Credit card, ATM withdrawal etc), precision marketing (DeviceID application) and access control for Smart Home solutions.

Keypasco PKI Sign

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) has been recognized as secure and is widely adopted as a security standard even enforced by law in many countries. Traditional PKI solutions often requires a secure carrier for the storage of the distributed PKI-credentials (certificate and private key), like an IC card, USB key, SIM card or SD card. With the Keypasco PKI Sign, there is no need of any additional hardware tokens.

Japan is the third country to grant Keypasco patent for the latest of our inventions: the Central stored PKI Solution. This feature enables us to offer a PKI solution where only a part of the PKI-credentials are decrypted and distributed to a mobile app. The mobile app is protected by the patented core technology; device authentication.

With the trend showing that more and more services, such as eBanking, are moving to mobile platforms, we need to transfer the security and PKI standard as well. Different services like HCE (Host Card Emulation), NFC payment, Internet bank/mobile bank, mobile payment, e-ticket, access control, etc., are typical applications that all use PKI technology.

The question is, how secure is it to store the PKI-credentials in a software application on a mobile phone with an open OS?

The Keypasco PKI technology, invented by Mr. Magnus Lundström, Security Architect and Head of Support at Keypasco, has solved this problem in a smart way. The PKI-credentials are not distributed, but the technology it is still compliant with the PKI regulation. The PKI Sign solution is protected by the Keypasco device authentication technology, which provides several extra layers of protection.

The PKI Sign patent is now approved in USA, Taiwan and Japan.

Keypasco Dynamic URL

Today we all have to keep track of a large number of different passwords and usernames, and it is often required to change them frequently. But good security is unfortunately still not achieved, and to use different tokens for different services is inconceivable, and will never be a standard for many reasons.

Dynamic URL is an extra addition to the Keypasco core technology (secure device authentication) to secure different content providers, while being flexible and intelligent. The Keypasco core technology works in the background and guarantees the security. With the Dynamic URL feature Keypasco can offer Single-Sign-On with one single trusted mobile security app, an ideal solution for cyber security.

With the Keypasco Dynamic URL technology, invented by Mr. Maw-Tsong Lin, CEO at Keypasco, and Mr. Per Skygebjerg, COO at Keypasco, you can have multiple Internet content providers on one side and multiple ID providers on the other. The providers share the same generic security application installed on the end user’s smartphone (also available for tablet, notebook, or PC), and this app has the ability to offer:

  • the Internet content provider a choice to select the ID provider with the best service for the best price
  • the ID provider the possibility to compete with their service content and price
  • the end user a choice to choose the ID provider they prefer and trust

Japan is the fifth country to grant Keypasco with the Dynamic URL patent. The patent is now approved in Taiwan, USA, Japan, European Union and Korea.

Keypasco applies for new patents continuously during the development of the Keypasco authentication solution. This is a part of Keypasco’s on-going strategy to offer cutting-edge technology that provides constantly updated security to its clients and customers.


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