Asia’s first all-in-one smart home app launched — in collaboration with world class security by Keypasco

Central_Business_District_skyline_viewed_from_the_Lower_Boardwalk_of_Marina_Bay,_Singapore_-_20121022-01Habitap - dashboard

Habitap, Asia’s first fully integrated smart home management system, is now officially launched. The system seamlessly combines smart home features, smart condominium management as well as lifestyle offerings to provide solutions for holistic smart home living. The high security that is crucial for smart home is obtained through the Keypasco solution.

Leading the way in providing smart living solutions, Habitap and Keppel Land have collaborated to introduce Asia’s first fully integrated smart home management system at Keppel Land’s luxury waterfront development, Corals at Keppel Bay in Singapore.

Habitap is the first to integrate the management of smart home devices, management of condominium facility bookings and lifestyle offerings – three key features for smart home living – into a single platform. With a mere tap of the finger on the Habitap mobile application, homeowners can easily manage these systems.

To create a safe and secure home, Habitap is using the security solution from Keypasco who provides a state-of-the art bank-grade security system.

– Keypasco represents a key feature and an important ingredient in the success of Habitap. It addresses key concerns of mobile application security and gives our users peace of mind, knowing their smart home is safe, says Franklin Tang, CEO Habitap.

Keypasco offers a unique and innovative new generation of software-based solution for secure online transactions. The trend is to use the many new innovative personal wearable device as part of your own security, and Keypasco is at the forefront of this trend and development. The Internet of Things will continue to surround and connect people at home, at work and on the road. This creates new security and privacy challenges that needs innovative thinking to maintain the mobile security we are becoming increasingly dependent on.

– Smart home solutions is a rapidly expanding market. For mobile security systems, this is a whole new market that has taken off globally. Keypasco technology is now proven to be useful for a wide range of applications: Authentication (Internet/mobile banking, eCommerce, mobile payment, online gaming, online betting), fraud protection (Credit card, ATM withdrawal etc), precision marketing (DeviceID application) and now even for access control like Smart Home. Our solution offers a convenient and secure service via the end-user’s own device, the mobile phone, says Maw-Tsong Lin, CEO and founder of Keypasco.

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