“The Keypasco mobile security App enhances our ability to compete,” states HuaNan Commercial Bank’s President Mr. Bruce L. Y. Yang.

Interview HNCB & Lydsec

Mr. Chegngi Lin and Mr. Bruce L.Y. Yang

HuaNan Commercial Bank (HNCB) is very satisfied with the Keypasco authentication solution on mobile phone for the bank’s Internet banking and mobile banking service. In an exclusive interview by the leading daily newspaper in Taiwan, China Times, the President Mr. Bruce L.Y. Yang stated that: “HNCB is the first bank in Taiwan that has rolled out Keypasco authentication service, named “Portable Guardian – 隨行保鑣”. With the Keypasco mobile authentication solution, there is no longer a need for SMS OTP (One Time Password). We offer with the Keypasco secure technology a way for our users to use their own mobile phone, or tablet to perform secure payment transaction, and this has dramatically increased our ability to compete within the financial services market.”

HNCB has for many years offered smart card readers and OTP solutions for its Internet banking customers, but the benefits with the Keypasco solution are evident. Mr. Yang from HNCB mentions that ”One has always his mobile phone with him and can skip the hardware token, this is the best part with the Keypasco solution. To use the mobile phone for authentication is an inevitable trend! After several months in production Keypasco solution has proven to be very secure. We plan to roll out this service to our customers, which comes in all ages and sums up to a total of 6 million.”

The CEO of Lydsec technology, Mr. Chengi Lin, which is Keypasco’s partner in Taiwan and Hong Kong, mentions that: “The Keypasco solution is based on a patented technology. With just one-touch you can protect your account, and the cost is less than one ice-lolly per user per year!” He also adds: ”The first customer that rolled out the Keypasco solution, in 2012, was within the online gaming industry. Account-high-jacking within the gaming industry is a big problem; around 70 % of all users have been attacked at one point or another. Since the introduction of the Keypasco authentication solution, three years ago, not a one single fraud has been reported.”

Maw-Tsong Lin, the CEO of Keypasco mentions: “We are very proud to receive these positive comments from our customers. Good security is not a cost, it is a tool for our customers to create new services and bring new incomes. Security by your own device (BYOD) makes it user-friendly and our technology guarantees the security.”


HuaNan Commercial Bank
The company was founded in 1919 and is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hua Nan Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. The company offers demand deposits, time deposits, and deposits by other financial institutions; various loans; and electronic banking and domestic remittance services. As of December 31, 2013, they are operating 186 branches in Taiwan, 1 offshore banking unit, 9 overseas branches, 1 overseas sub branch, and 1 overseas representative office.


About Keypasco
With more than 25 years of individual experience in IT security, Keypasco’s founders are the minds behind some of the revolutionary authentication technology solutions used today. Keypasco offer a patent-approved secure authentication and secure mobility solution to 13.9M end users in the online gaming and financial/banking industry. For more information, visit www.keypasco.com, email info@www.keypasco.com or contact us at +46-31-102360.

Keypasco PR Contact:
Anna Zetterholm

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